Friday, November 29, 2013

Get the KidOfit Advantage

KidOfit is a revolutionary new shoe design conceived and engineered by Dr. Ron Bar, a PhD in biomedical engineering. When Dr. Bar’s grandchildren had trouble fitting into shoes, he used his extensive experience to develop a solution that offers healthy advantages and promotes healthy growth for kids’ feet.
There are many advantages to KidOfit shoes for toddlers and shoes for babies, including:

Ergonomic Design – KidOfit shoes are designed for comfort and promoting proper foot growth. This is the only shoe that features a light and flexible design that mirrors the anatomical shape of the foot rather than force it into an uncomfortable position. The heel of the shoe expands, making the KidOfit shoe easy to put on and take off.

Customized Fit – The construction of of KidOfit shoes includes elastic collars to conform to the width of the foot and prevent toes from being squeezed. There is an adjustable heel strap that keeps the foot comfortable but prevents the foot from slipping out, and there are several sizes of shoe inserts that extend the useful life of the shoe. These inserts stretch the shoe as the foot grows – eliminating the need to buy shoes whenever your child’s foot gets bigger.

KidOfit is the first shoe to feature a transparent sole, allowing parents to visually inspect the fit of the shoe. Additionally, a huge improvement utilized in the KidOfit shoe is the innovation of barefoot comfort. Medical experts agree that barefoot walking is optimal for proper foot development as well as posture for growing kids. The thin, flexible soles only found on KidOfit shoes perfectly mimics the natural motions of barefoot walking, helping your kid have healthy feet.

For more information about KidOfit, contact us today and find out why these are the best shoes for kids on the market today.