Thursday, April 9, 2015

Are Zero Drop Shoes Best Footwear For Toddlers?

Even though there is a passionate debate on the benefits of barefoot walking and running for adults, medical experts overwhelmingly agree that barefoot walking is best for healthy foot development in infants and toddler. Information about movement comes from the nerves on the soles of our feet. The more kids can feel the ground, the better they can respond and the better they can develop walking and postural skills.

Dr. Wikler, a podiatrist specializing in children’s foot development claimed that  “foot trouble among children is almost always caused by shoes, and that most adults' foot trouble would either not exist or would be much less bothersome if properly-shaped shoes had been worn during childhood or, better yet, if those people had gone barefoot”..

Dr. Rossi, a podiatrist who specialized in footwear, warned about the risk of this type of shoes on children’s foot development.
Minimalist or Zero Drop shoes that are intended to mimic barefoot walking can be the proper footwear solution for toddlers in situation where barefoot walking is not safe or undesirable. However, in reality most of those shoes are not built correctly, and may interfere with natural foot function and natural growth of a child’s foot and body.

When a barefoot is positioned on the ground, the foot seats fully flat, and there is no space between the foot and the ground at the heel or toes area.

However, many common minimalist and Zero Drop shoes are built with curved soles that have a substantial space between the ground and the sole in the front part. Instead of allowing the foot to be flat on the ground, these shoes push the front part of the toes up, which is referred to as un-natural dorsiflexion.  That causes extra stress on the foot, and does not allow it to function naturally. Additionally, the soles of many of these shoes are too stiff and do not allow free foot motion.

To offer toddler shoes that mimic barefoot walking, KidOFit engineered its toddler shoes using advanced biomechanical and ergonomic concepts.

Kidofit’s comfort system includes:

Barefoot Sole Design -KidOFit utilizes unique soles, made of thin, flexible elastomer, which perfectly mimics the barefoot walking experience and promotes natural foot motion. 


Light and Flexible
The shoe's flexible construction allows the foot to move naturally and respond to changes in the walking surface, feeling as close as possible to barefoot walking. What’s more, the light materials enhance the barefoot walking sensation, and improve comfort.


Anatomical Shape - KidOFit shoes are designed with a wide and roomy toe box, conforming to the unique shape of the child’s feet and allowing the child to wriggle and spread the toes without constriction. The wide base of the shoe enhances stability and walking confidence.


Transparent Soles – provide a clear view of the child’s toes, and allow for checking how the foot is positioned inside the shoe.

Soft Interior - KidOFit shoes are engineered with a unique interior, which combines soft fabric, foam padding and seamless construction. The result is very gentle contact with the foot, eliminating irritation, and providing ultimate comfort and protection.