Monday, December 15, 2014

Comfortable Toddler Shoes Features

When choosing shoes for toddlers and infants, parents are looking for cute and comfortable shoes, however, there is still a debate on what constitutes a comfortable toddler shoe.

Many children shoes have adult shoe designs, which are scaled down to fit kids, but children’s feet are shaped differently than an adult’s feet, and require different features than adult shoes.

Children’s shoes that feature an elevated cushioned heel and arch support were regarded in the past as comfortable and beneficial, but recent research shows that they actually cause more harm than good.
Dr. Lee Bivings, a pediatrician from Atlanta, has found that more than 60% of babies have acquired foot problems at just six years of age because of badly shaped shoes.

Dr. Rossi, a podiatrist who specialized in footwear, warned about the risk of this type of shoes on children’s foot development.

 Medical experts worldwide agree now that barefoot walking is the best thing for healthy foot development, for proper posture development, and for building stronger muscle and bone structure.
Barefoot might be best but it’s not always practical, and therefore, children shoes should allow the foot to function as close to barefoot as possible. When choosing your child’s shoes look out for the following features:

Flexible shoes allow the foot and ankle to develop most naturally by enabling the foot to respond to changes in the walking environment. When choosing a toddler shoe, you should be able to easily bend it to insure that it adapts to the surface, and that it allows free foot movement. Inflexible, rigid shoes that restrict motion are potentially harmful to kids’ foot development.

With wide toe-boxes
Children’s feet are not just a scaled down version of adult’s feet. They have a triangle shape, which is wider at the toes, and need shoes to reflect this. Good toddler shoes require a correspondingly much bigger toe area than the shape of an adult shoe. Shoes with wide toe boxes enable the child to wriggle their toes freely, and allow their toes to spread without constriction. Not only should the toe box be wide, but the opening to the shoe should also be wide enough to enable the foot to slip in easily, without having to squeeze the toes in any way.

Soft Interior 
The interior lining, which is the interface between
the shoe and the foot, should be soft and smooth to avoid irritation. The best material for children’s shoe lining is fabric, padded with foam, similar to the one in athletic shoes. It is recommended to put your hand inside the shoe, and check that the interior of the shoe is completely smooth.

Flat soles 
The best soles should simulate barefoot conditions, while protecting the child’s feet. Mechanically it means flat and thin, without heels, arch supports or other "molding" features. Soling material should be slip-resistant, shock absorbing and very flexible.

For more information on Comfortable and Healthy Toddler Shoes, visit the

Thursday, October 23, 2014

What Makes the Best Toddler Shoes?

Recent research has shown that children are more likely to have good posture if they go without shoes as often as it is possible and safe. Information about movement comes from the nerves on the soles of our feet. The more kids can feel the ground, the better they can respond and the better they can develop walking and postural skills.

Dr. Wikler, a podiatrist specializing in children’s foot development claimed that  “foot trouble among children is almost always caused by shoes, and that most adults' foot trouble would either not exist or would be much less bothersome if properly-shaped shoes had been worn during childhood or, better yet, if those people had gone barefoot.”

Main reasons for that are:
  • Most children’s shoes are too stiff and do not allow for natural foot movement
  • The front part of most shoes is narrower than the child’s foot, and therefore, squeeze the toes and distort the foot.

Dr. Lee Bivings, a pediatrician, estimates that 99% of newborn babies have perfectly normal feet — and in his clinic, more than 60% of these same kids have acquired foot disabilities at six years of age, mainly because of issues with the shoes that they had been wearing. He was always looking for an ideal “physiological” shoe that mimics barefoot walking and would enhance healthy foot development in infants and toddlers.

New designs of minimalist or barefoot shoes that were introduced in last few years were invented to offer suitable solution, but in reality most of those shoes are not built correctly, and still interfere with healthy foot development. Instead of allowing the foot to be flat with ground, these shoes push the front part of the foot up, and do not allow for natural foot function. The soles of these shoes are not flexible enough, and instead of being fully flat, they are curved in the front, a shape which is called excessive Toe-Spring (in shoe-making industry terminology).

To offer toddler shoes that mimic barefoot walking, KidOFit engineered its barefoot shoes for toddlers using advanced biomechanical and ergonomic concepts.

KidoFit’s comfort system includes:

Barefoot Sole Design - KidOFit utilizes unique soles, made of thin, flexible elastomer, which perfectly mimics the barefoot walking experience and promotes natural foot motion.  

Transparent Soles – provide a clear view of the child’s toes, and allow for checking how the foot is positioned inside the shoe.

Heel Strap All KidOFit shoes (except boots) are constructed with a heel strap in the back portion of the shoe, enabling the adjustment of the grip around the heel and eliminating slippage. The result: customized fit from wide to narrow feet.  

Elastic Construction - An elastic collar stretches around the heel to conform to the individual foot width. It also helps with getting the foot into the shoe without having to squeeze the toes. The supple design insures soft contact with the foot for maximum comfort and protection.

Fitting Inserts A set of inserts, which comes with the shoes, can be used to reduce the space inside the shoe when the fit is too wide or too loose. As the foot grows, the inserts can be removed, extending the life of the shoe.

Soft Interior - KidOFit shoes are engineered with a unique interior, which combines soft fabric, foam padding and seamless construction. The result is very gentle contact with the foot, eliminating irritation, and providing ultimate comfort and protection.

Light and Flexible - The shoe's flexible construction allows the foot to move naturally and respond to changes in the walking surface, feeling as close as possible to barefoot walking. What’s more, the light materials enhance the barefoot walking sensation, and improve comfort.

Anatomical Shape - KidOFit shoes are designed with a wide and roomy toe box, conforming to the unique shape of the child’s feet and allowing the child to wriggle and spread the toes without constriction. The wide base of the shoe enhances stability and walking confidence.

Easy On and Off - KidOFit shoes are constructed with a wide opening at the tongue area, enabling the foot to easily enter the shoe without having to squeeze the toes.

For more information on what makes the best shoes for toddlers, visit the KidoFit website today!

Monday, May 12, 2014

KidOFit: Barefoot Children Shoes

Buying children’s shoes can be quite a task. Parents are often faced with the difficult guesswork since younger children aren't able to tell you how they feel. Sometimes, when children are being fitted for shoes they have a tendency to contort their feet, which makes it more difficult to judge the fit.

This can create a bigger problem when you finally get home and find that the shoes don’t fit your child well at all. Ill-fitting children’s shoes have the same negative effects that ill-fitting adult shoes have. They can cause blisters and calluses, causing your child even more foot pain.

When you do find a pair of shoes that actually fit, more often than not you and your little one will be shoe shopping again in a few months.

KidOFit barefoot children’s shoes were designed by Dr. Ron Bar to alleviate all of the aches and pains you and your child endure in buying shoes. KidOFit barefoot shoes for kids are designed with a flexible sole, mimicking the benefits of barefoot walking.

The other advantages of KidOFit barefoot shoes for kids are:

Transparent Soles – This feature allows parents to view the actual fit of the shoe while your child wears them, taking all the guesswork out of the process.

Adjustable Fit – KidOFit shoes are designed with an elastic collar around the back of the foot. This provides a more comfortable fit for your child, and minimizes slippage.

Fitting Inserts – KidOFit barefoot shoes for kids include fitting inserts with every pair of shoes. These can be inserted to reduce excess space and ensure that the shoe fits snugly. As the child’s foot grows, the fitting insert can be removed, extending the life-span of the shoes. Perfect for the ever growing child.

If you would like to know more about KidOFit shoes, or have any questions about the benefits of barefoot children’s shoes, visit the KidOFit website today. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mommie of 2: Great Shoes for Kids! KidoFit Review

"I get so excited when I find a company that offers shoes that fit her, but are comfortable too."
"My daughter received the Troy style in Silver. She loves how they look on. They are her favorite pair to wear all the time now. "

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Best Healthy Shoes For Infants and Toddlers

As your child grows through different developmental stages, it is important that they have the best shoes possible to promote healthy foot growth. KidOFit shoes was created specifically for that reason. Dr Ron Bar PhD, founder of KidOFit, specializes in foot biomechanics and ergonomic design which allows him to hand-craft the best healthy shoes for infants, babies and toddlers.

Ron Bar was developing orthopedic products for 20 years before founding KidOFit. These are some of the features in KidOFit shoes that you will not find in many store-bought shoes:

  • Barefoot comfort. Medical experts say that walking barefoot is the optimal for correct foot development. However, that is not always an option in civilized society. The thin and flexible soles found in KidOFit shoes simulate a barefoot walking experience.
  • Transparent soles. This will allow you to see that your child’s toes are positioned correctly.
  • Customized Fit. By utilizing elastic construction, heel straps, and fitting inserts, KidOFit shoes will build a shoe that is 100% unique and a perfect fit for your child’s foot.

We construct shoes for both boys and girls, from sizes four from nine. If you would like more information on the best healthy shoes for toddlers, contact KidOFit.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tips to Finding the Perfect Pair of Kids Shoes

Finding a pair of shoes that fit properly for your kids can be difficult. Sometimes, kids have a hard time voicing exactly how their feet feel in shoes. Other times they just want to get out of the store as quickly as possible, so they just settle on a pair of shoes. 

Despite this, there are some qualities of shoes that parents should look out for when it comes to finding the perfect pair of shoes for their kids:

Flexible: An ideal pair of shoes is one that will move with your child. Whether your child is walking, running or playing, shoes should allow your child to move around naturally, without feeling too restricted at any point in time.

Roomy, yet form fitting: Shoes should not be too tight of a fit on kids, but they should also not be too loose. Parents should find kids a pair of shoes that allow them to have enough room to move, yet not too much that they will fall out of them.

Customization: Comfortable shoes should also be able to be customized to fit each individual child’s foot shape. Shoes that have elastic around the heel or an adjustable heel strap provide kids with an easy way to put their shoes on and take them off again. Other ways shoes can be customized is if they have a wide toe box. Shoes with a wide toe box allow kids to have room to move their toes around freely, while at the same time allowing the shoe to form to each child’s foot.

For parents looking for shoes that combine all of these aspects, KidOFit is a company that provides barefoot shoes for kids in a variety of colors and styles. Barefoot shoes are shoes that allow kids to essentially feel the ground as they walk, run or play. These types of shoes help promote healthy foot development, and can last a long time with the adjustable backs and removable foot inserts. Additionally, your kids will like how their feet feel and look in these shoes.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Benefits of Barefoot Children Shoes

Parents always want what is best for their children – from their child's educational experience to the most comfortable shoes. A recent trend available in the world of shoes is barefoot children shoes, a shoe that mimics the sensation of walking barefoot on the ground while still wearing shoes.

Medical experts have commented on the barefoot shoes, claiming that they are the best thing for healthy foot development. These shoes can also help children develop proper posture because of the way they are constructed.

The shoes are created with a lightweight and flexible design, providing children with the chance to really sense their surroundings while walking. The natural movement of the shoe and the notion of being barefoot creates an experience that can only benefit children in the long run.

There are blood vessels, nerves, 26 bones, 19 muscles and 107 ligaments that control the movement of each foot. The information our feet receive in regard to movement stems from the nerves that are in our feet. The closer contact our feet have with the ground, the better it is for our feet to develop in a healthy manner.

Barefoot children shoes are typically constructed with a cushioning insole and a flat sole, which provides children with a comfortable shoe that will support their every move. The shoes are designed to allow free foot movement, providing no restrictions for children.

KidOFit is a brand of shoes that provides barefoot shoes for children. The KidOFit design incorporates elastomer to mimic the barefoot walking experience, a wide toe box, anatomical shape and a clear view of the toes of children.

KidOFit barefoot children shoes provide many benefits for children, from babies to toddlers. Additionally, free shipping is available throughout the U.S. for all KidOFit shoes.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Foot Health of Babies and Toddlers

When babies start walking it seems like nothing can slow them down. This is the time of a toddler's life where the right shoe can save your child a lot of aches and pains later in life. Many knee and joint pains we feel on a regular basis are caused by a problem in our feet, many of these start at a very early age. It is possible to correct these conditions later in life, but preventing them from every happening is the best plan. Babies and toddlers are often affected by several different afflictions in their feet:
  • Pediatric Flatfoot – most children with this condition show no sign of symptoms. Some will have trouble participating in physical activities, and may complain about cramping in the legs, feet and knees.
  • Ingrown Toenails – tight shoes or socks are the most common cause of ingrown toenails in children. When the nail breaks the skin, the area becomes susceptible to serious infections. Treatment for ingrown nails should never be done at home, and only be performed by a doctor.
  • Plantar Warts – Warts can develop anywhere on the foot, but typically they appear on the bottom of the foot. There isn't much you can do for these because they are caused by the human papilloma virus, which causes warts on other parts of the body. These warts can grow deep into the skin and make walking and standing very painful for children.

It is obvious that toddlers enjoy being barefoot, and any parent knows how hard it is to keep shoes on a child. Recent studies show that shoes designed to mimic barefoot walking improve foot health in babies and toddlers, as well as adults. Kid-O-Fit has taken the results of these studies and implemented them in a child's shoe. These comfort shoes for kids not only improve the health of a child's foot, but their ability to expand also eases the pain on parents' wallet.