Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What is Barefoot Comfort?

KidOfit is an innovative new brand of toddler shoes and baby shoes designed for promoting growth of the foot, proper movement and posture and above all, comfort. Barefoot Comfort in shoes is recognized across the world as the best option for allowing baby feet and toddler feet to feel unrestricted and keep the motions of walking flexible and natural. The more a foot can feel the ground, the better our bodies are able to adapt and respond to the surroundings.

Here is what some of our child foot development experts have had to say about barefoot walking:

“…children who had the opportunity of going barefoot a great deal had less deformed toes, greater flexor strength and more ability to spread their toes” – Dr. Wikler, DPM

“…common foot problems are caused either by poorly designed or poorly fitted shoes” – Dr. Brand

“…children are more likely to have good posture if they go without shoes as often as is possible and safe” – Dr. Perry, M.P.T.

Having a comfortable shoe is important, but KidOfit offers medical advantages that cannot be found in other children’s shoes. Our trademarked sole design is the first of its kind and offers a wide array of benefits both now and down the line.

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